WanderSnacks September

Every month we dispatch our WanderSnacks boxes delivering a slice of home to our Wanderers. Once each box is dispatched our subscribers complete the Rate my Box survey and we produce a thorough review detailing box content, subscriber preferences and ideas for the future. See what Wanderers thought of our latest box below.  

​What's in the box?

  1. 5 x Tetley Tea bags
  2. 5 x Twinings Tea bags
  3. Mr Kipling French Fancies
  4. Mc Vities Hobnobs
  5. Robinson's Squash'd 
  6. 4 x Cadbury Dairy Milk snack bars
  7. Cadbury Dairy Milk Blueberry
  8. Chip Shop Curry Sauce powder
  9. Terry's Chocolate Orange share bag 
  10. Galaxy's bake at home Brownie/Cookie kit
  11. Kellogg's Fruit Winders
  12. Nescafe Cappuccino/Latte
  13. Chipstick Crisps
  14. Frazzles
  15. Mini Cheddars


  • Satisfaction rating: 4.6/5
  • Most popular item:  Galaxy Brownie mix
  • Recommendation rating: 87% 
  • Enjoyment: 100%
  • Leading competitor's nearest price inc P&P to Germany:  10/15 similar items found @ £39.15(08/10/20)
  • Most used word: Crumpets please

​Wanderers Said

"Liked everything. Very excited about the Galaxy Brownie Mix and French Fancies"

"Good mix. Happy with the hobnobs and Galaxy baking set."

"Bit more savoury as well as sweet things [please]"

Review by Alisa Jordan Writes 

This month Alisa dug into our September WanderSnacks and she loved the throw backs like Fruit Winders and the classic tastes of home. Alisa is a talented writer and travel blogger who moved to Frankfurt am Main in Germany from the UK a few years ago. You can read her thoughts on WanderSnacks and catch up with all her other adventures ​here.​​​

What you loved

  • Hobnobs
  • Galaxy baking kits
  • French Fancies
  • Cadbury's Chocolate

Improvements for next month

  • Careful Review of Best Before dates - Although items past their best before date are still safe to eat, we want all our product to arrive fresh in their best condition possible. We will pay careful attention to every item in every box to ensure only the very best products are included. 
  • Packing material - we are aware that many of our customers would prefer less packaging material but we tend to run into transportation damages when we reduce the volume of packaging material - next month we're trying something new and a little different. Watch this space!

Our September WanderSnacks were a hit with our Wanderers. The general mix and variety of products worked well. At a satisfaction rating of 4.6 September was one of our most loved boxes. 

We love it when we get suggestions for next month's box and by far the most frequently requested item is CRUMPETS! We hear you guys and we're working on it. 


WanderingBrits founder. Several-times Expat. General culture and travel enthusiast. Loves tea and makes the best Welsh cakes.

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