WanderSnacks Pilot

We chose 5 volunteers at random from our Facebook page for a trial run of our new WanderSnacks in Germany. All 5 boxes arrived in great condition around 5 days from dispatch. We pride ourselves on being 100% feedback focused wherever possible so every box can be better than the last.

What's in the Box? 

  1. 5 x Yorkshire Tea bags
  2. 5 x PG Tips Tea bags
  3. Galaxy's new Enchanted Eggs
  4. Roundtrees Randoms
  5. 4 x Cadbury's Wispa bars
  6. 2 x Cadbury's Sticky Puds
  7. Oxo Gravy Cubes
  8. Steak pie seasoning mix
  9. Bird's DIY Trifle kit
  10. Chip Shop style curry sauce
  11. 2 x Cadbury's Creme Eggs
  12. 2 x Flapjacks
  13. Cadbury's Freddo Hot Chocolate
  14. Short Bread Cookies
  15. Walker's Quavers
  16. Walker's Salt and Vinegar Crisps 


  • Satisfaction rating: 4.4/5
  • Most popular item: Cadbury's Wispa bars, closely followed by the flapjacks 
  • Recommendation rating: 88%
  • Enjoyment: 100% 
  • Leading competitor's nearest price inc P&P:  11/16 equivalent or similar items found @ £41.40 (20/06/20)
  • Most used word: Excited

Wanderers Said

"I love the stuff in the box."

"Husband loves the chip shop curry sauce as you can't find anything like that in Germany."

"[Did not like] Trifle as I will be expected to make it now for Sunday dinner. Lol "

"Very excited. It felt a bit like Christmas. "

What you loved

  • Great presentation
  • Box arrived in good condition
  • Exciting experience
  • Items of good quality
  • Brands at the right level
  • All things Cadbury

Improvements for next month

  • Including a few more items in the box to move from good to excellent value for money
  • More Flapjacks
  • More Cadbury's Chocolate
  • Not so many seasonings

Ideas for the Future

  • A 'hate box' where subscribers can declare items they really really don't like. - In the mean time, feel free to email us 2 or 3 of your hated items and we'll do our best to keep these out of your box. 
  • Packaging changes - balancing environmental concerns against presentation and protective packaging for transport will take some time. We hope to move towards WB branded boxes and offering lower packaging alternatives. 
  • Offering one off gift boxes, free from subscriptions.
  • Offering different types of boxes and special boxes e.g. offering savory boxes.
  • Customising box content.


WanderingBrits founder. Several-times Expat. General culture and travel enthusiast. Loves tea and makes the best Welsh cakes.