WanderSnacks July

Every month we dispatch our WanderSnacks boxes delivering a slice of home to wandering Brits. Once each box is dispatched our subscribers complete the Rate my Box survey and we produce a thorough review detailing box content, subscriber preferences and ideas for the future. See what Wanderers thought of our latest box below.  

What’s in the Box? 

  1. 5 x Yorkshire Gold Tea bags
  2. Warbatons Crumpets
  3. McCoy’s Salt and Vinegar Crisps
  4. Monster Munch
  5. 4 x Cadbury’s Flake bars (or Twirls)
  6. Fox’s Custard Cream Biscuits
  7. Bisto Gravy pot
  8. Yorkshire Pudding/Pancake mix
  9. 3 x Flapjacks
  10. Fudgeridoo’s Clotted Cream fudge (or Little Fudge Box Vanilla Fudge)
  11. Fudgeridoo Pick ‘n’ Mix
  12. Fudgeridoo Stick of Rock
  13. Galaxy Caramel
  14. 2 x Dairy Milk Oreo bars
  15. 2 x Refreshers Strawberry Flavour
  16. 3 x Mini Love Hearts
  17. Rainbow Drops


  • Satisfaction rating: 4.2/5
  • Most popular item: Crumpets  
  • Recommendation rating: 84%
  • Enjoyment: 90% 
  • Leading competitor's nearest price inc P&P:  16/17 similar items found @ £39.68(12/07/20)
  • Most used word: Personalised

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Wanderers Said

"A Great selection, with more individual items than I had expected. I loved the pick and mix, and the crumpets!"
"Securely packed, loved the individual name tag and the crumpets made me happy. Did feel nostalgic with the mix"
"Crumpets, crisps and chocolate!! Husband particularly enjoyed the Flapjacks. (laughing emoji)"
"Liked everything. Great selection"

A Decent Cup of Tea Review

This month we are delighted to be included in the German blog about English foods called "A Decent Cup of Tea" . If you are blessed in being able to speak German or are learning, this blog is great fun to read. You can see a full review of our WanderSnacks July box on the following link: Read our Review

What you loved

  • You really really loved the crumpets
  • Personalised name tags
  • Packaging and Presentation
  • Great selection of items
  • Good Service

Improvements for next month

  • Less sweets
  • A few more savoury items
  • A fragile label on the box
  • More Biscuits
  • More Chocolate

Ideas for the Future

  • A 'hate box' where subscribers can declare items they really really don't like. - In the mean time, feel free to email us 2 or 3 of your hated items and we'll do our best to keep these out of your box. 
  • Packaging changes - balancing environmental concerns against presentation and protective packaging for transport will take some time. We hope to move towards WB branded boxes and offering lower packaging alternatives. 
  • Offering one off gift boxes, free from subscriptions.
  • Offering different types of boxes and special boxes e.g. offering savory boxes, sweet boxes and healthy boxes
  • Customising box content.
  • Including drinks


    WanderingBrits founder. Several-times Expat. General culture and travel enthusiast. Loves tea and makes the best Welsh cakes.

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    Paul Turner - last year Reply

    Glad things are going well,
    A request for future boxes; Cadburys hot chocolate? Less flap Jack’s perhaps.

    Best regards,


      Zoe - last year Reply

      Great idea Paul 👍

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