What is WanderSnacks?

A monthly subscription box filled with carefully selected British food favourites. 

The content of each box is selected based on feedback from the prior month's box and contains classic British food favourites and British snacks such as Cadbury's chocolate, Walker's crisps, Yorkshire tea, Warburtons crumpets and dozens of other British food brands you'll love. 

How does WanderSnacks work?

  • Order a subscription or a one-off gift box
  • Payment is taken on the first day of each month for subscriptions, or immediately for gift boxes
  • WanderSnacks boxes are dispatched around the 15th of each month
  • Subscription continue on a monthly basis, taking payment on the first and delivering a different box every month

You can stop your subscription on the My Account section, or by emailing us on info@WanderingBrits.com

Example: I ordered my subscription on the 8th of January, payment will be taken from my account on the first of February and my box will be dispatched on the 15th of February.  

I receive my box on the 23rd of February.  If I am unhappy I can cancel my subscription before the end of February and I won't be charged in March. 

If I am happy with my box I simply do nothing. Payment will be taken from my account on the 1st of every month and I will receive a box around the 25th of every month, keeping me well stocked with British goodies.

Where do you deliver?

We deliver for free to these countries;

  • Germany
  • France
  • Czech Republic
  • Netherlands
  • Austria
  • Luxembourg
  • Hungary
  • Romania
  • Slovenia

What's included in WanderSnacks?

A carefully picked selection of around 15 different items are selected from classic British brands such as Cadbury's, Mr Kipling, Walkers, McVities and more. There is usually a mix of black tea, biscuits, chocolate, cake and other favourites. You can see a full list of previous boxes in the WanderBible page. 

What if I don't like an item in my box?

We do our best to ensure every box contains high quality products that are within their use-by dates and are packaged well for shipping. As we all like different things, we can't guarantee that you will always like every item in your box. If an item in your WanderSnacks box is not to your taste, we suggest sharing it with friends, colleagues, or other expats. If a product falls below our high standards, please let us know on info@WanderingBrits.com. 

How can I order WanderSnacks?

Can I order one WanderSnacks box?

You can now order a one-off gift box for £39.99 which optionally includes free gift wrapping and a free personalised message for the recipient.

Alternatively, if you would like to try one box, we recommend signing up for a subscription and if you don't like your first box, you can put subscription on hold in the My Account section. This will stop payments until you reactivate the subscription. 

How much will WanderSnacks cost?

WanderSnacks boxes are £34 per box which includes the cost of international delivery.  Our one-off Gift Boxes are £39.99.

Is the box big enough to share? 

Yes! Our WanderSnacks boxes are perfect to be shared with a partner or with the whole family. 

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