Top 10 Reasons to Move Abroad

Here at WanderingBrits moving abroad is what we do. Here’s some of the top reasons our WanderingBrits have come up with for living abroad.  Feel free to add your own thoughts in the comments.

1. Personal Growth

Overcoming the challenges of living abroad will change you as a person. The more new experiences you have, the more you will learn about yourself.

2. Employability

Living abroad is the best way to gain cultural awareness and gain empathy towards others who may also struggle to fit in at first. Employers love this as it proves you can thrive in an international environment.

3. Language

Being immersed in a foreign language is the best and quickest way to develop fluency in a language. You may struggle at first but you’ll be chatting lingo with the locals in no time.

4. Network

Moving abroad is a great way to make new friends with open minded people from all over the world, as well as studying or working with new peers who can share different ideas to you.

5. Expats

Hello instant friends! Just like you, in most big cities there’s a big group of expats who’ve moved abroad and can’t wait to meet people to socialise with.

6. Memories

Moving abroad is an opportunity to make so many amazing memories of new places with new friends.

7. Home will wait

When you move abroad you will quickly see who your true friends are (cue 15 phone calls from mum a day). There may be some changes from time to time at home but when you come back to visit you will quickly notice that your life has changed beyond imagination and your same old friends drink at the same old bar every Friday and not much truly changes at home. Plus your friends can always visit.

8. Travel

When you move abroad so many new places are within easy reach. You can take mini holidays every weekend.

9. Food

So many new things to try, including the local cuisine. From finding new restaurants to exploring the nightlife, theme parks or walking trails (whatever floats your boat).

10. Why not!?

Some people may genuinely have commitments at home that they just can’t get out of but if you’re free to travel and live abroad, there’s no reason not to. Go for it! You won’t regret it!


WanderingBrits founder. Several-times Expat. General culture and travel enthusiast. Loves tea and makes the best Welsh cakes.

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