Tom’s Travel Writing Dream

While romanticized tales of growing lemons in Tuscany and sipping wine on the Seine fuel our daydreams, have you ever wondered what life’s really like beyond our borders? Whether it’s for work, love, adventure, or even to escape, over four million British citizens currently reside overseas. “Book Title” is a collection of their real-life stories and experiences, from their initial decisions, to finding their feet, and much more.

Tom's new book - coming soon

So, what am I trying to do? I'd like to write a book about ‘living abroad’, but I don’t have my own ‘Hollywood’ style story to tell. I moved to Berlin with the support of my German employer (SAP) and to continue in a role I’m familiar with. I didn’t move here to renovate a mansion, start a farm in a remote location, or to change the course of human history (yet). However, I’ve noticed that many of the ‘living abroad’ books are either based on those aspirational stories or are self-help books with ‘the top ten steps to living in France’ and similar. While many of those books are great, I was missing the ‘real life’, relatable stories from others like me. 

At WanderingBrits we're loving following Tom on his journey to becoming a travel writer.  Hurry up Tom, we want to read the book! 

Once the book is available we will publish the links here so that our WanderingBrtis can have something to read on the go.  Good Luck with the book Tom. 


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