Bringing Home to You

WanderingBrits is a community of international Brits who have left the UK to work, travel or live abroad.

We want to celebrate all of the life changing experiences that come with living abroad, as well as offering a welcoming virtual community to help you feel at home, no matter where you happen to be.  

We are excited to be launching our new WanderSnacks monthly British food subscription box service, sending a different variety of UK snacks to Brits living abroad. To find out more take a look at our WanderSnacks page.

We exist to bring a feeling of community and a sense of home to Brits
around the

The WanderingBrits promise: 

  • We will never bombard our members with spam emails and irrelevant adverts
  • We will always provide free access to our community with no obligation to spend money or buy products
  • We will be 100% feedback driven wherever possible, listening to our members and responding openly
  • Zero tolerance of any offensive behavior or misuse of our platforms

Our World is Beautiful

Let's keep it that way

Reuse and Recycle your WanderSnacks Boxes

As our packaging is of high quality, most boxes will arrive in excellent  condition and can be reused which reduces waste. WanderSnacks boxes make great gift boxes, shipping parcels or can be used for storing items around the house. They are a great size for storing bits and bobs such as sewing kits, make-up, recipe cards, screws, crafts, spices or even odd socks. The possibilities are endless so get creative and put your boxes to good use. 

Our packaging is widely recycled however, you may need to check the specifics with your local authority.  If all else fails, you can use our packaging for composting or drainage in plant pots and hanging baskets. 

Trees are Wonderful but Vulnerable

Trees give us air to breathe and absorb some of the CO2 we create on our travels. They are also used to create paper and cardboard that we use for our WanderSnakcs boxes. For this reason we are looking to support an organisation which protects ancient forestry and plants new trees to replace the trees we use. We are currently looking at a forestry group in Scotland however, if you know of an organisation or charity that is important to you, please let us know on the contact us page. 

British Brands

British brands are getting better and better at using packaging that can be recycled but they still have some way to go, so please check the manufacturer's packaging and websites to keep recyclable items out of landfill.

Due to changing consumer tastes in the UK and a global move towards socially responsible corporations, many British brands are doing great things to improve the world that we live in. Our WanderingBrits favourites such as Cadbury's and Yorkshire Tea are going beyond fair trade requirements by actively improving the lives of the farmers and their communities who grow their products. Crisps brand Walkers are also paving the way in recycling crisp packets by transforming them into flooring and fence posts. You can find this information and more on their websites.

British Brands